About us

Mitigating organisational risks by utilising unique Project management frameworks to actively risk screen and monitor People, Data and Information security risks.

Board and C Suite have a stronger role to play in driving the use of proactive risk management through the use of unique screening methodologies to mitigate People. Data and Information security risks at all levels.

EIMA Project Management Services assist Boards, CxOs and Recruiters in building robust and resilient organisations that make effective decisions to achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Experts provide “risk screening” as a project management service helping Organisations to integrate and implement our risk based screening programs.

What we are best at.

Board and C Suite Consulting

Helping you develop Risk screening programs for effective corporate governance covering People, Data and Information security risks.

People Screening Program

Bespoke and result-oriented Global Risk screening program for employees, customers, vendors and supply chain to validate historical facts, searching for red flags and negative reviews for mitigating risks through a proactive risk management-based approach.

Data Screening Program

Focused Programs relating to the authentication, validation and verification of Identity, credentials and documents provided by the employees, customers, vendors and supply chain during the hiring of employees and onboarding of customers and suppliers .

Recruiters Consulting

Helping you conduct an effective Global HR/People Risk (Pre-Employment) Screening for Senior level and managerial hiring on behalf of Recruiters’ clients enabling them to offer a value-added service with no conflicts of interest.

Data Exposure Screening Program

An intense deep-dive research program into an Enterprise possible data exposure relating to its Employees, Customers, Vendors and supply chain on surface, deep and dark web networks.

Information Security Screening Program

A Program designed to concentrate on the screening and awareness of emerging cyber threats such as ransomware, phishing, data scraping, and insider threats.